50 Pc Train Track Clips for Lionel O Gauge FasTrack "Fast Clips" Fast Track


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50 Pc Train Track Clips for Lionel O Gauge FasTrack "Fast Clips" Fast Track


The perfect solution for Lionel O Gauge FasTrack tracks that are prone to separate causing train derailments and electrical conductivity issues. 

End the frustration and Enjoy the Fun Hobby of Model Railroading with "Fast Clips" or "Pro Clips" from Model Scenery World

"Fast Clips" are precision engineered to ensure a perfect fit with all Lionel FasTrack O Gauge tracks regardless of the track radius. Perfect for starter sets and expansions sets alike! If its Lionel O Gauge FasTrack then " Fast Clips" are the answer to smooth running trains on tracks that stay together until you are ready to take them apart.

"Fast Clips" are easy to install and remove.

"Fast Clips" are Bright Orange in color, so they are easy to find when you need them.

"Fast Clips" are perfect for temporary layouts on carpet or around the Christmas tree.

"Fast Clips" are great for moving track from room to room without disassembly. 

Looking for a solution for a permanent layout or track on hard floors? Check out "Pro-Clips" 

"Pro-Clips" are better suited for flat surfaces, they fit Lionel's FasTrack roadbed profile and preform the same function as "Fast Clips" without any protrusion from the bottom of the roadbed. This allows the track to sit absolutely flush with the floor or layout surface which is critical for smooth train operations.

"Fast Clips" and "Pro-Clips" are sold in sets of 12, 25, 50, and 100 pieces. The 12-piece sets are perfect for Lionel Starter sets and larger sets are available to accommodate your growing railroad. If you plan to build a permanent or semi-permanent layout or are using your track on both Carpet and Hard Floors or Surfaces, please consider "Pro-Clips" which will give you the ultimate flexibility of use in all scenarios. 

Caution! Both "PRO-Clips" and "Fast Clips" are small parts and not intended for use by children under the age of 8 without adult supervision - Small Parts - Choking Hazard - Caution! 

Have questions, don't hesitate to ask, we are here to help :)