Pre-Wired LEDs ~ 3-12 Volt DC ~ Diffused ~ Wide Angle



Model Scenery World’s Diffused LED’s will look GREAT in your projects!

Perfect for a wide range of uses: Model Buildings, RC cars, Train Cars, Aircraft, Special projects, Doll Houses, Dioramas, you name it… if you need bright LED with wide angle coverage running on DC power – these LEDs are an excellent choice.

   Money Saving Tip #1   SAVE 10-20% with our 5 and 10 packs!  

We use better parts and processes to ensure a high quality and long-lasting LED.

  • 100,000-hour lifespan – NO Soldering or Assembly Needed!
  • Diffused Lens - 120 Degree Viewing Angle
  • Voltage: LED will light with 3V, 5V, 6V, 9V, or 12V DC for Different Brightness.
  • 8” Copper Wire Leads – Color Coded Lead Wires – Tined wire ends
  • Machine welded dropping resistor (no hand solder joints)
  • Energy efficient and No Heat! Only 0.25W per bulb! 20mA
  • Polarity: Anode "+" (Colored Wire) | Cathode "-" (Black Wire)
  • Satisfaction Always Guaranteed!

Looking for a Bright "Narrow Beam" or "Spotlight Effect"?

Check out Model Scenery World’s Clear Lens LED's - Clear Lens LEDs are slightly brighter and have a narrow-focused beam. These are preferable for applications like headlights, spotlights or anywhere you need a narrow beam of light.

Money Saving Tip #2   If you are lighting a larger project and have space consider using 10mm LEDs (1 - 10mm LED in place of 2 - 5mm LEDs or 3 - 3mm LEDs)