Problem Solved! (3) Pack of Wood Track Adapters



(3) Pack of Wood Track Adapters for Thomas - Brio - IKEA and most popular brands of wooden train track.

PROBLEM SOLVED - When you can't manage to bring the tracks together and there is just a little angle mismatch...

Instead of trying to force the two rails together and potentially break them, use one of these!

Our short turn curve tracks fix those track connections that just don't seem to line up just right... Once you have them you will see what a huge difference they make.

Save the frustration caused when tracks are close but off just enough to derail trains and derail the FUN

What's included: 1x 82 degree 1x 75 degree and 1x 65 degree short curve track pieces.

  • Compatible with Thomas and Friends motorized and push trains
  • Compatible with Brio, IKEA and all major brands of Wooden Thomas Style track as pictured
  • Made in the USA with high quality BPA FREE plastic
  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Choose from 20+ FUN Colors!