" City Block " (5) Urban Town Buildings Set - TT Scale 1:120 - No Assembly!

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 City Block - Set of (5) Urban Town Buildings Set 

TT Scale - 1:120 

No Assembly Required!

(5) Included Buildings in "City Block"

  1. Courtyard Building - footprint is 232.5mm long x 73.9mm wide and it stands 99mm tall
  2. Out of the Blue - footprint is 81.3mm long x 54.4mm wide and it stands 41.5mm tall
  3. Chook - footprint is 63.5mm long x 76.6mm wide and it stands 72.2mm tall
  4. American Apparel - footprint is 106.7mm long x 76.1mm wide and it stands 86.4mm tall
  5. Toad - footprint is 228.6mm long x 76.1mm wide and it stands 72.38mm tall
The TT Scale "City Block" is 712.6mm or 28" long with no space between buildings. 

This set of buildings was created for urban portions of TT-Scale model railroads. The set includes 5 buildings from the east side of Osborne Street Village which is located in Winnipeg, Canada.

The Village permeates an artsy vibe and features some of the city’s best live music dive bars and watering holes, along with more restaurants than one can imagine. All along the main strip you’ll find swish and bohemian shopping, jewelers, cooking supply stores, a record store with a sweet collection of vinyl, yoga studios, and a gem of a theatre that is known for comedy.

In 2012 the Canadian Institute of Planners named it Canada’s Greatest Neighborhood.