GarGrave's GRADE CROSSING for GarGraves Phantom O 3 Rail in Brown or Gray

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SKU: MSW-PLA-ACC-GradeCross-Gargraves-BR

 Grade Crossings or Curved or Straight Track from Gargraves's!

This is a Grade Crossing designed to work with Gargrave's Phantom O 3 Rail Track (Track is NOT Included)

Color Choice of Brown or Gray

Crossing is 6" wide

Gauge/Scale - O

Track Type - Gargrave's Phantom O 3 Rail

In Brown the top of each piece represents wooden boards that are bolted together to make the crossing. Each crossing consists of four pieces. The two center pieces go alongside the center rail and the other two go on the outside of the outer rails. 

In Gray the pieces represent stamped concrete used to make modern crossings.  Finished crossing pieces can be glued directly to the center rail and to the outer rails or glued directly to the track ties

Each piece of the crossing has a diagonal side to clear the ties and the center rail insulator.

NEW CURVED TRACK GRADE CROSSINGS! -  Grade Crossings are now available for 042, 054 and 072 radius of Curved Track!

NOTE: The crossings in this listing are ONLY for the Gargrave's Phantom O 3 Rail Track, please see our other listings for Crossings that will work with older tubular track or track made by other manufactures.