Historic Union Station - N Scale

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Historic Union Station

N Scale Dimensions- Length 13"x Width 7" x Height 4"

Now you can recreate the magic of the Union Station on your railroad layout. 

Model Scenery World has modeled a detailed scale recreation of Denver Union Station. 

Please note the Denver Union Station has been through many changes and renovations over the years, as a result we have pulled elements from several eras to complete the station pictured.

In time we will release additional design elements to reflect different time periods and renovations that were made over the stations 150 years of service.

This model is a work in progress and while we believe the model is a great representation of the Denver Union Station, we are still refining the model. Please look closely at the photos of the station before purchase, the model is not perfect, some of the windows are still a work in progress and some light clean-up will be needed before finishing the model. The images provided are actual images of the printed model without modification and is representative of the model you will receive.

Keep in mind the real building is 150 years old and has a few imperfections as well.

The model you will receive will be a one-piece model - NO assembly required!

Just paint, weather and place on the layout :)