CURVED Grade Crossing and/or Grade Ramp for 3 Rail Track


SKU: MSW-PLA-ACC-GradeCrossing-O31-BR

CURVED Grade Crossing and/or Grade Ramp for 3 Rail Track

Color: Brown or Gray

Crossing is approximately 6" wide

Gauge/Radius Available: O31, O42, O54, or O72

Track Type: Tubular 3 Rail

About the Grade Crossing: The top of each piece in Brown Color represents wooden boards that are bolted together to make the crossing, or in the case of Gray Color it represents stamped concrete used between rails at crossings. Each Grade Crossing Set consists of four pieces. The two center pieces go along-side the center rail and the other two go on the outside of the outer rails.  Finished crossing pieces can be glued directly to the center rail and to the outer rails. Each piece of the crossing has a diagonal side to clear the ties and the center rail insulator.

About the Grade Crossing Ramps: Ramps may be helpful in certain situations but are not required. The ramps are slightly taller than the track level to allow for a cork roadbed height under the track. Grade Crossing Ramps are made in Gray or Black to simulate Concrete or Asphalt.

Grade Crossings and Ramps are also available for Straight Track, search “Grade Crossings” to see all available options.