Offset Double Garage Scene - Easy Build Kit - Modeled in Color

Model Scenery World


The Offset Double Garage Scene is an Easy Build Kit that is Modeled in Color. Perfect for both Commercial and Residential areas of the layout. Let’s face it we all need another garage or two… you never have enough storage.

What does “Easy Build” mean? This kit only contains 9 pieces. All of the walls are built, just put the roof on top and add the rain gutters. You can choose how you want to install the (4) doors opened or closed and the last piece is a stack of tires that you can place as desired.

The model comes in one or two colors depending on how you order it. Add a little paint and weathering and this little garage will look amazing with very little effort!

  • Commercial or Residential
  • Modeled in Color
  • Available in Multiple Scales